The specialized platform for education of employees about cyber security

Did you know that 82% of successful cyber attacks are result of a human mistake? Data leaking in companies most often occur due to the lack of adequate training and carelessness of employees.  


What can you do about it?


SkyExpress company, regional leader in the field of digital data protection, presents to you a unique platform for implementing employee education programs on cyber risks and information systems security.


The program is being implemented with:


1. Usage of CybSafe platform


CybSafe technology is a result of cooperation between cyber security experts, professional educators and psychologists specialized in analytical behavior.


Through this approach, real needs of users are met, with the adequate examples from practice to raise awareness of cyber risks.


What does the CybSafe platform offer?


- CybSafe contains simple interactive learning modules, simulations phishing attacks and easy-to-understand risk assessment tools.


- It is easy to use and available via mobile and web applications.


- It provides unique functionality - nudges. Nudges are security notifications, messages, and prompts designed to influence specific security behaviors. They steer people toward the right security decision.


- The content of the platform complies with local and global regulations and standards (ZIB, GDPR, ISO 27001...).


- The content is delivered in Serbian through a series of short modules, video material and quizzes that are contextualized to encourage safe behavior in a professional environment as well as at home.



2. Lectures and educational material


Qualified and experiences team of our cyber security engineers will deliver interactive lectures using practical examples.


Lecture topics:


- Basics of information security Importance of data security in a business environment.


- Safe remote work Safe usage of email system and avoiding phishing scams.


- Proper handling of employment / change of position / leaving.


- Proper behaviour in case of a cyber incident etc.



Why should you choose CyberEduApp platform for educating the whole team?


The entire program using the CybSafe platform is efficient and different from other solutions on the market.


CyberEduApp platform: 


- Fun and easy-to-use with interactive modules. 


- Implementation is long-term, continuous, and becomes a part of a daily work routine.


- Content is adjusted to every user.


- Content on CybSafe platform is localized for serbian market, efficiently educates all team members and permanently changes behavior when information safety in question.


Other programs for education:


- Monotonous and complicated.


- One-time implementation, once per year or once per six months.


- Program is the same for all users.


- Short-term training without long-term change in employee behavior when information security in question.


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