Continuous Controls Monitoring for enterprise security

Panaseer helps businesses make informed, risk-based
security decisions using our proprietary
Cyberfuse™ and Cyberoptics™ technology.

This platform shows you every asset, application, user
and data set across your IT estate in real-time.
Platform identifies gaps in controls coverage, aligns
security with framework standards and substantiates
regulatory compliance.

The platform doesn’t use any agents, scanners or probes
and integrates seamlessly with any data source.

Panaseer’s automated reports significantly reduce
reporting time and tailor insights to stakeholders at every
level, enhancing decision-making from the boardroom to
the analyst. These reports can also be mapped to the
organisation’s structure, so you can prioritise risk based
on impact to the business.

See every asset, user,
app and database in real-time

Uncover gaps in
controls coverage

Spend less time reporting
and prioritising risk

Enhance board

Establish regulatory

Achieve cost efficiency
and prove ROI

A single view of the entire IT estate

Panaseer provides security teams,
stakeholders and other security tools with
a single view of all security and IT systems, reducing the
need for manual data gathering and breaking down
information silos.

It also automates risk prioritisation and remediation
and aligns security with recognised frameworks
and internal policies.

How does Panaseer work?

  • The platform ingests data from any source in the cloud
    or on-premises, across security, IT and business

  • Cyberfuse™ technology cleans, normalises,
    aggregates, de-duplicates and correlates this data,
    creating a continuous feed of unified asset and controls

  • Controls coverage gaps are identified by comparing internal compliance policies with the baselined inventory. Previously unidentified assets are checked to ensure controls are applied against them.

  • Cyberoptics™ technology produces real-time, automated reports, removing the need for manual data gathering. Security data can be mapped to your organisation’s structure, providing business context for security metrics, demonstrating investment impact and risk improvements.

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