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FDI Advisory Group (a subsidiary of Sky Express)

Electronic Manufacturing Consulting Group Serbia

Globalization creates opportunities to locate new business activities and optimize existing location portfolios. Next to tax and transfer pricing, the location of your business activities and processes within global supply chains has a profound impact on the anticipated results and performance of a manufacturing company and their supply chain strategy. We are a full service consulting firm with expertise and knowledge in FDI program development, implementation and management. Opening up a manufacturing and distribution center in Serbia can facilitate lower inventory levels and reduced working capital, cost benefits, regional coverage and government initiatives.


We are a advisory service, focused on helping global OEM and Contract Manufacturers build new manufacturing facilities in Serbia.  Our objective is to facilitate implementation and build out of the factories and overcome obstacles to doing business in Serbia. We have a strong relationship with key local politicians and ministries. These relationships enable us to resolve many issues quickly and to identify reliable sources of information.

Our services include:

  • Market entry feasibility study
  • Location selection & location optimization
  • Incentive and (tax) grant maximization
  • Real estate strategy formulation and negotiations
  • Green filed build out of manufacturing facility
  • Human resource (talent sourcing) strategy formulation and employee hiring
  • Access to Senior Executives/Supply Chain/Material Directors 

Should you have any questions about setting up a manufacturing facility in Serbia or wish to learn more about our company, please email us at majo@sky-express.rs or call +381 64 641 44 61.

Foreign Direct Investment in Serbia


Since the onset of economic reforms in 2001, Serbia has grown into one of the premier investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the past five years, Serbia has attracted over $20 billion of inward foreign direct investment. A list of leading foreign investors is topped by world-class companies and banks such as FIAT, Telenor, Strada, US Steel, Michelin, Gazprom, Siemens, Intesa Sanpaolo and many others.

Serbia's strong FDI track-record is substantiated by internationally recognized awards for local Greenfield investors. Between 2004 and 2006, Greenfield projects in Serbia were awarded by OECD as the largest investments of this type in South East Europe. The first Award was presented to Ball Packaging Europe (headquartered in USA), followed by METRO Cash & Carry (Germany), and Israeli Africa-Israel Corporation/Tidhar Group for their Airport City Belgrade real estate project.

Electronics Industry

Intensive development of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector
SEE EMS market value: $10 billion in 2008, projected market value of $21.5 billion in 2013
Lowest total annual labor costs in Electronics in SEE; 1,714 innovative companies in electronics industry

Top Regional Location
Attractive location for just-in-time delivery with lowest operating costs in the region is suitable for investment projects in electronics industry. A Free Trade Agreements with the Russian Federation, Belarus and a regional free trade area - CEFTA provide for duty-free exports to market of over 200 million people.

Strong Expertise
With its rich history in electronics, Serbia is home to highly experienced and skilled labor. Technical education in Serbia is particularly strong, with app. 33% of university graduates coming from technical schools. In addition Serbia has the highest 49% percentage of English speaking population in the SEE region. The industry employs highly skilled workforce.

Competitive Wages
Serbia's electronics experts and labor are available at most competitive prices in the SEE region.

Source: www.siepa.com




Uroša Martinovića 13
Novi Beograd

+381 64 641 44 60
+381 11 242 15 80

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